Pavan Aduri receives 2022 ACM SIGMOD Research Highlight Award

February 10, 2022

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Pavan Aduri, Professor in the Department of Computer Science, received the 2022 ACM SIGMOD Research Highlight Award.

The awarded paper, “Model Counting meets F0 Estimation,” was co-authored with Prof. Vinodchandran of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and professors Arnab Bhattacharyya and Kuldeep S. Meel of the National University of Singapore.

The SIGMOD Research Highlight Award is a highly selective and prestigious award that aims to showcase a set of research projects that exemplify core database research. These projects address an important problem, represent a definitive milestone in solving the problem, and have the potential of significant impact. The initiative of the SIGMOD Research Highlights also aims to make the selected works widely known in the database community, to its industry partners as well as the broader ACM community.

The paper was previously awarded one of "Best of PODS 2021" papers and was invited for submission in the ACM Transactions on Database Systems (TODS) journal. It examines constraint satisfaction problems (CSPs) and data stream models, how developments in the two communities have mostly occurred independently, and whether bridging the seeming communication gap between the two communities may pave the way to richer fundamental insights. This led to the discovery that the core technique employed in the algorithmic frameworks that have evolved separately for model counting and distinct elements computation in data streams over the past two decades are the same.

The selection process for the award is carefully organized and highly selective. The organizers asked the PC chair(s) of a number of premier database conferences as well as the SIGMOD community to nominate papers. Then the award selection committee discussed all nominated papers in great detail. The organizers finally selected a subset of the papers that best met their selection criteria.

The ACM Special Interest Group on Management of Data (ACM SIGMOD) is concerned with the principles, techniques and applications of database management systems and data management technology. Its members include software developers, academic and industrial researchers, practitioners, users, and students. SIGMOD sponsors the annual SIGMOD/PODS conference, which is one of the most important and selective in the field.

Congratulations Professor Aduri and co-authors.

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