Pavankumar Aduri.
Co-PI, D4 Institute, Professor of Computer Science
Algorithms, Computational Theory and Complexity, Big Data Analytics
Michael Catanzaro
Senior Personnel, D4 (Dependable Data Driven Discovery) Institute , Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Geometric methods of Data Science, with a focus on Topological Data Analysis
Woman with bobbed black hair stands in front of a painting, smiling
Assistant Professor of Statistics
Non-Parametric Statistics
Gianfranco Ciardo
Professor of Computer Science
Model Checking and Verification, Probabilistic Models, Petri Nets and Decision Diagrams
Main with glasses and short dark hair smiles in front of brick wall
Professor of Statistics, UNL
Data Mining and Machine Learning
Myra Cohen
Software testing of highly-configurable software; Search based software engineering
Woman with brown hair in a middle part, wearing glasses, smiles in front of a canvas background
Associate Professor of Mathematics Education, UNI
Mathematics Education
Hongyang Gao
Assistant Professor in Computer Science
Machine Learning, Computational Biology, Computational Neuroscience
Steve Holland
Associate Professor
Vibrothermographic nondestructive testing, Location of leaks in spacecraft
Guiping Hu
Associate Professor Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
operations research, Optimization, decision making
Ali Jannesari
Assistant Professor in Computer Science
Parallel Computing (HPC), Data Science, Software Engineering
Wei Le  - A woman with black hair in a pink blouse smiles in front of a dinosaur skeleton.
Associate Professor
Program Analysis, Software Engineering, Deep Learning
Man with dark cropped hair smiles, wearing a light blue dress shirt and light grey tie.
Professor of Mathematics, UMN
Machine Learning
Ranjan Maitra
Dan Nettleton
Co-PI, D4 Institute , Distinguished Professor and Chair of Statistics
Data Science, Quantification of Prediction Uncertainty, Statistics
women in glasses smiling
Associate Professor
Image Analysis and Forensics, Steganography
Man with cropped greying hair smiles in front of a grey brick building
Professor of Computer Science, UI
Distributed Graph Algorithms
Yumou Qiu
Associate Professor in Statistics
Inference on large covariance and precision matrices, High-dimensional statistical inference and applications in genetic analysis, Statistical analysis for brain imaging
Hridesh Rajan
PI, D4 Institute, Professor and Chair of Computer Science, Professor, ISU Data Science Program
Data Science
Hal Schenck
Senior Personnel, D4 (Dependable Data Driven Discovery) Institute , Professor of Mathematics
Algebra, Analysis, Geometry
Anuj Sharma
Associate Professor
Big data analytics in transportation Data-driven decision making Traffic signal systems Safety and efficiency of traffic operations Smart rural transportation
Jonathan Smith
Algebra; Discrete Mathematics, Mathematical Biology; Topology, Classical and Quantum Information Science
Adisak Sukul
Associate Teaching Professor of Computer Science
Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
Wallapak Tavanapong
Multimedia Systems, Database Systems, Distributed Computing and Networks
male wearing glasses standing in a garden in a purple shirt
Associate Professor
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Causal Inference
Man with short black hair smiles in a blue zip up
Professor of Computer Science, UI
Computational Geometry
Namrata Vaswani
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Professor of Mathematics
Intersection of statistical machine learning / data science, computer vision, and signal processing
Woman with short black hair in front of a beige wall
Professor of Statistics, GMU
Statistical Machine Learning and Data Science
white man in a red tie smiling
Co-I, D4 Institute, Professor of Mathematics, Chair of the Department of Mathematics
Zhengyuan Zhu.
Senior Personnel, D4 (Dependable Data Driven Discovery) Institute , Professor of Statistics