Pavankumar Aduri.
Co-PI, D4 Institute, Professor of Computer Science
Algorithms, Computational Theory and Complexity, Big Data Analytics
Jia (Kevin) Liu
Co-PI, D4 Institute, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, OSU
Networking, Optimization, Machine Learning
Dan Nettleton
Co-PI, D4 Institute , Distinguished Professor and Chair of Statistics
Data Science, Quantification of Prediction Uncertainty, Statistics
Hridesh Rajan
PI, D4 Institute, Professor and Chair of Computer Science, Professor, ISU Data Science Program
Data Science
Man with a mustache and glasses
Co-PI, D4 Institute, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, UNL
Foundations of Computation, Theory of Computational Complexity
white man in a red tie smiling
Co-I, D4 Institute, Professor of Mathematics, Chair of the Department of Mathematics