Myra Cohen

Myra Cohen

Dr. Cohen’s research focus is configuration-aware software testing, testing software product lines, search-based software engineering, and safety and testing for synthetic biology.  In her work she explores exponentially large spaces, to achieve particular optimization goals such as test generation, reverse engineering or performance prediction. As such, her work requires the manipulation and exploration of data, and utilizes techniques from statistics and combinatorial optimization. Recent projects related to the data science theme include her work on BioSIMP for predictive biology, and her most recent work on assurance for safety and testing of organic programs -- programs that incorporate autonomy during development and evolution, mimicking biological processes.


Area of Expertise: 
Software testing of highly-configurable software; Search based software engineering
Ph.D., University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
M.S., University of Vermont
B.S. Cornell University, School of Agriculture and Life Sciences