Practical Data Science and Machine Learning on the Cloud


  • Introduction to machine learning in the cloud.
  • Building machine learning models with AI Platform: TensorFlow, AI Platform, and the ML workflow
  • AutoML.
  • Google's pre-trained machine learning APIs: Vision API, Text-to-Speech API, Speech-to-Text API, Cloud Translation API, Cloud Natural Language API, and Video Intelligence API
  • Perform Foundational Data, ML, and AI Tasks
  • Insights from Data with BigQuery
  • Create ML Models with BigQuery ML
  • Engineer Data in Google Cloud

Software: We are going to use Google Cloud Platform in this session.

Software requirement:
If you are affiliate with academic, and having .edu email:

  • Join the GoogleCloudReady program: Link to the form -
  • enroll in the program with your edu email address. Choose Iowa State University as a "facilitator's institution".

If you do not have the .edu email address: